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Blepharoplasty: Your Comprehensive Guide to Eyelid Lift Surgery

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As we age, the skin around our eyes can bulge, sag, and stretch. These changes can leave us looking tired, old, and unrested. Excess skin around the eyes can also affect our ability to see, narrowing our field of vision to the sides and on the tops of our eyes. Blepharoplasty is a great way to address these issues, making it a great safe and effective way to improve your appearance, visual field and most importantly boost confidence!

What is blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty (bleh-far-oh-plast-e), or eyelid lift surgery, is a procedure on the upper or lower eyelids to improve droopy or sagging eyelids. During the procedure your surgeon will make an incision along the fold of the upper eyelid or just below the lower lash line. In many cases this procedure may entail redistributing or removing fat, muscle, and excess skin to improve the droopiness of the eyelid.

Why do people get eyelid surgery?

People get eyelid surgery for several reasons. Many times, people will have eyelid surgery to improve their overall cosmetic appearance. When our eyes sag and droop it can leave us looking old, tired, angry or unapproachable. Eyelid surgery can help revitalize your eyes, helping you look younger and more like you!

Eyelid surgery also has practical benefits. When excess skin and fat around the eyes make our upper eyelids droop, it can affect our field of vision and ability to see. In these cases, a blepharoplasty can remove excess skin and fat helping patients see more clearly.

Blepharoplasty procedures are performed under local, twilight sedation, anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, meaning that it can be safely performed at a certified surgery center. The reason that blepharoplasty is performed while you’re able to be responsive to your surgeon’s requests to move your eyes, blind, etc. so they can monitor that the work they’re doing is meeting the appropriate expectations.

Is blepharoplasty covered under insurance?

At this point you may be wondering if eyelid lift surgery is covered by medical insurance. The answer? It depends.
Generally speaking, if you get blepharoplasty done for solely appearance reasons (i.e. to improve the look of your eyes) then it isn’t covered by insurance.
However, if your drooping eyelids significantly obscure your vision or making your daily life tasks difficult, blepharoplasty may be seen as medically necessary and therefore may be covered by insurance.

Prepping for Surgery

Before undergoing the operation, you’ll meet with your surgeon who specializes in the unique field of ophthalmologist and plastic and reconstructive surgery to discuss your medical history, expectations, and best outcomes. This step is important for both you and your surgeon to get a holistic picture of what this procedure will look like for you.
You’ll be asked questions about eye conditions such as dry eye, tearing and glaucoma, as well as other medical concerns, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, and allergies. Make sure to come with a list of any medications, supplements, and vitamins you may be currently taking.

Pre-surgery screening includes vision assessment, physical exam, and photography of your eyes. If you are getting blepharoplasty done for medically necessary reasons, further diagnostic testing and photos may be performed to document your need of this correct procedure to your insurance company.

Aftercare Instructions

After your surgery you’ll be transferred to our recovery room where we can monitor you for any concerns immediately following surgery. Once you are awake and medically stable, you’ll be discharged later that day.

Due to anesthetic medication that you will receive during surgery you’ll be required to plan for someone else to take you to your surgical appointment and to take you home.

Immediately after surgery, you may experience:
– Irritated & Watery eyes
– Bruising & Swelling
– Puffiness
– Blurred or double vision, or
– Pain or discomfort
These symptoms should be temporary and typically resolve within two weeks.

While swelling and bruising may subside after two weeks, keep in mind that the full healing process can take several months.

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