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Anti-Aging: Why You Should Start Young

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Anti-Aging Why You Should Start Young

Anti-Aging Treatments to Age Well

Many women come to us for the first time when they begin to notice more wrinkles, sagging, or discoloration. While there isn’t a specific age we see most clients, women commonly begin to seek skin care to address problems that come with aging. And let’s be honest, aging comes to all of us. But why wait until you see the signs of aging to start caring for your skin? And how young is too young? For basic skin care routines, it’s recommended to start as early as your teen years. Not only will this keep skin clean and soft, it creates good habits that will follow you or your teen into adulthood. But with so many anti-aging treatments, how do you know what to do, and when?

Before You Hit 30.

Ah the big three-zero. For those of you who have yet to cross over, there is a special window of opportunity for your skin that will follow you for decades to come. A good place to start, in addition to your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine, is with laser treatment. Laser treatment can help with scarring (particularly acne scarring from those difficult teen years), hyperpigmentation, reducing pore size, and treating conditions like Rosacea. It’s comparatively non-invasive and a good way for young people to get a head-start on a lifetime of glowing skin. Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion are also great ways to prevent aging before you hit 30. If you’re under 30 and have aging-specific or general questions, contact us with options!

30s and Beyond.

It’s never too late to start caring for your skin. If you didn’t have laser therapy, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion in your 20s, this is a great place to start. In fact, there are dozens of non-surgical options available to you. Skin Resurfacing is a good starting point. This is also a good time to consider injectables, which can help prevent wrinkles from forming as you age. Prevention is always a good strategy! But with so many unique skin types and situations, your 30s is a great time to have your skin consulted and a custom plan laid out. A visit with us can help kick off a new skin care routine that will leave your face and neck revitalized and youthful.

No matter your age, we would love to help you have the best skin of your life! Anti-aging starts at home with diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Take care of your skin with sunscreen, face wash and moisturizer. Protect yourself against sunlight and drink plenty of water. Then come and visit us! Our Doctors would love to consult your skin to bring out your best, unique beauty, and keep you radiant for years to come.

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