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The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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Are you wanting to revitalize the look and feel of your skin?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a great option for improving your skin’s appearance and reduce inflammation while also cashing in on some other great health benefits!

Let’s dive in:

What is the lymphatic system?

Your lymphatic system is a part of your immune system meant to help rid your body of toxins, metabolic waste, and other unwanted and harmful materials. Key to the lymphatic system are lymph nodes, small glands throughout your body that act as filters for foreign materials. You have tons of lymph nodes, located in your neck, armpits, abdomen and groin. Your lymphatic system is one of your body’s first lines of defense against infections and viruses. When you get sick, your lymph nodes will typically swell a little bit as your body fights off the infection.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage that aims to help release fluid from irritated and congested lymph nodes. It’s not a medical treatment, but a form of therapy that aims to help reduce inflammation and accumulation of lymphatic fluid.

Got questions on Lymphatic Drainage Therapy? We have answers

Is it safe?

Yes Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is safe. In fact, in some cases you may not even feel a thing!

What is it like?

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is extremely gentle as technicians aim to coax fluid through the tissue to reduce swelling. It may actually be the gentlest massage you’ve ever had. Unlike other forms of massage, which aim to address muscular issues, Lymphatic Drainage has to do with the skin. Vessels of the lymphatic system are in the skin, not the muscle, so you shouldn’t go in expecting a deep tissue massage.

What are the benefits of LDT?

The most noticeable and aesthetic benefit of this form of therapy is the affect it can have on the skin. Lymphatic Drainage Therapy can be help reduce swelling and give skin a more vital look and feel.

LDT also has some benefits outside of helping you look your best. Some doctor actually recommend lymphatic drainage therapy as a part of cancer care, as radiation therapy and some surges can damage or remove some lymph nodes.

Individuals with lymphedema, the build-up of lymph fluid under the skin (which can cause swelling), can also benefits from lymphatic drainage massage, as it can help coax fluid away from the affected area.

Side effects

After treatment you may feel a little light headed or tired. This is normal. When lymphatic fluid is is released, it can also help to release tension and stress that your body has been holding on to. The natural reaction is to feel tired or slightly fatigued.

If you’re looking to try out LDT, contact our team at Allure Cosmetic Surgery!

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