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brow lift

Restoring the brow to its natural position is a key part of facial rejuvenation.

Our eyebrows say a lot about us, conveying our emotions and communicating our expressions. They can furrow with anger and rise with surprise. They can also droop when we are tired – or as we age. As we age, our brows typically fall first on the outside, known as the “tail of the brow.” As the tail falls, it gives our eyelids a hooded, heavy appearance.

Because our brows are so important in framing our appearance, surgery to restore the brow to its natural position is a key part of facial rejuvenation. The surgeons at Allure Laser Center and MediSpa use several techniques to address drooping brows, tailoring their approach to each client’s appearance and anatomy. Techniques include camouflaging the incision just behind or just in front of the hair line. Some individuals benefit from an incision directly above the eyebrow itself.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation. At Allure Laser Center and Medispa, we have a fully certified outpatient surgery center where we can perform brow lift surgery and combine it with other procedures or therapies to leave you looking your best.

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