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cheek lift

A cheek lift is a key part of rejuvenating the face.

A youthful cheek transitions smoothly into the lower eyelid. As we age, our cheek begins to drop, creating a hollow void between the lower eyelid and cheek. At the same time, fat collects in our lower eyelids, leading to a puffy appearance that worsens the hollowness caused by the falling cheek.

A cheek lift is a key part of rejuvenating the face. By returning the cheek to its natural position, the smooth, youthful contour is restored – especially when a cheek lift is combined with a lower eyelid surgery that targets the baggy, fatty tissue of the lower eyelids. The cheek lift is performed through an incision in the outer aspect of the lower eyelid. By carefully placing the incision, the surgeons at Allure Laser Center and MediSpa can camouflage the incision, leaving you looking refreshed and vibrant.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation. At Allure Laser Center and Medispa, we have a fully certified outpatient surgery center where we can perform cheek lift surgery and combine it with other procedures or therapies to leave you looking your best.

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