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Heather Wheeler Master Esthetician

Heather Wheeler Master Esthetician CMA has had extensive 35 years career in Aesthetics, director of medical spas, dermatology support and working side by side with cosmetic and dermatology doctors. She holds several licenses that help her bridge the gaps from beauty to health care.

Heather is dedicated to her art and the people she serves, and spends much energy to facilitate the advancement of the aesthetic professionals. Heather has a unique scientific approach to skin care. She works with her clients to create a skin care plan, then tests and measures their results. This process allows clients to see their progress, which is why several of her clients are repeat clients for the 25 years she has spent in the Northwest.

From skin care to cosmetic surgery, her honest approach has gained her the respect of her clients as well as the health care professionals she works with.

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