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Important News Release

Allure Laser Center & Medispa Is Not Affiliated with Dr. Javad Sajan & Dr. Sajan’s “Allure Esthetic” Clinics

Allure Laser Center & Medispa is not affiliated with Dr. Javad Sajan or any of his Allure Esthetic clinics that were sued by Washington State Attorney General on December 29, 2022. Allure Laser Center & Medispa is a separate and independent business and has no connection to the allegations of wrongdoing asserted against Dr. Sajan and his Allure Esthetic clinics.

At Allure Laser Center & Medispa, we maintain an unwavering commitment to the highest standard of patient care. We have provided aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services to patients for over 30 years. Allure Laser Center & Medispa encourages anyone with concerns about the allegations against Dr. Sajan and his Allure Esthetic clinics to contact the Office of the Washington State Attorney General.

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