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The patient always write…

“I was very impressed with Dr. LauKaitis’ skill and experience with Restylane® , as well as his personal approach to my specific needs.”


Redmond, WA

“I just want to take a minute to say thank you to everyone at Allure. I have had the greatest care from the sweetest people. The doctors are wonderful, the office staff is great and Susie has been amazing. She has cared for me and made me feel like I was family. Please pass my message on to everyone. Thank you for being such a wonderful group of people. I have had amazing care both for my cosmetic procedure and for my reconstructive procedures. Thank you.”


Seattle, WA

“My eyelid surgery both uppers and lowers was a success. Thank you to your team. From the start of the process to the final exam your team was professional. Dr. Sires has a great relaxed confident manner about him and did a great job. The recovery time for me was so short. I came in 3 days after surgery for the lymphatic massage, which was terrific. After the lymphatic massage I had my vision back to normal and the healing seemed to be faster. I was back to work after a week off. Yes, I was a bit puffy, but I could work and was very proud and pleased with the results after one week. My only regret is I should have had this procedure done sooner, I look and feel younger. No more bags under my eyes.”


Seattle, WA

“Such an efficient, friendly front office! We felt confident that they were entirely competent and would follow through with insurance matters, etc. No painful, endless paperwork for us to complete. The best office we have ever dealt with. Staff was knowledgeable and extremely accessible. They created an atmosphere of confidence for the patient. We felt comfortable asking questions, which were answered graciously and completely. We particularly appreciated the conversations with Susan! So cheerful, thoughtful and reassuring. All staff were friendly, caring, and cheerful. We never encountered an impersonal, distant, hurried person.”


Seattle, WA

“I bought a series of six peels over a year ago. The goal was to have a peel done every four weeks ( I went every six weeks). Anyways, it’s called the Revitalize Peel. They will take a picture of your face in this machine which shows you all the damage over the years that has been done to your skin. It’s amazing to see the damage. Anyways, after the peel, you will exfoliate/peel in about 48-72 hours. When you exfoliate, it gets rid of layers of old, damaged skin and allows the new skin cells to come to the surface. In the end, after many peels, it eliminated my age spots, and sun damage. I couldn’t be happier.”


Kirkland, WA

“I have been struggling with rosacea for more than 10 years. The redness, skin irritations, eruptions are more than a minor nuisance. I’m grateful to the skin care specialists at Allure who advise me to use Jan Marini’s skin care line to control my rosacea symptoms. After two months of using the Cleanser, C-Esta serum, Bioglycolic Bioclear Cream and the Age Intervention moisturizer, I am happy to report that my symptoms are much better and my skin looks healthy!”


Cerriots, CA

I wanted to thank you personally for the blessing of having been treated by you for droopy eyelids. All your Staff were super nice and professional to me and my husband in every way when we came for visits before my eye lid surgery. Every visit with you was a pleasure, very informative and very relaxing. The instructions regarding what my job was after surgery were all very clear and after we prayed, I went into surgery with great peace. Somehow I knew I was in very good hands!

The recovery time and healing were all good, – I followed the instructions faithfully and my healing went just as it all was explained. In addition to definitely having much better peripheral vision (which was my problem, not seeing right), and that these greatly bothersome little “visors” over my eyelids are gone, I now get all these unexpected compliments from people, – that I look 10 years younger, how pretty my eyes look, and what a wonderful job my Doctor did!

I am so grateful to you in every regard of the surgery, Dr. LauKaitis, for doing such a great job on my eyelids, and for the manner in which you treat your patients; I felt so save with you and am so thankful for your skills and your dedication and how you care!

I cannot thank you enough and hope and pray that all your future surgeries will be equally appreciated!

God bless you!


Kirkland, WA

“Dr. LauKaitis has a reputation that is well deserved and his staff, especially Dr. Winn reflect the care and pride of providing extraordinary care.”


Bothell, WA

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