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Skincare Trends over Time – What Lasted Through the Ages?

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Skincare trends change with time and Allure Laser Center & Medispa adopts the latest and most advanced practices to offer the most effective and successful treatments possible. In this article, we will visit the changes in skincare trends over time and the services now offered today.

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Skincare in the 1950’s

In the 1950s, skincare was very much focused on keeping skin looking young and fresh. Women would apply cold creams to their faces every night as part of a nightly routine, to keep their skin well moisturized. This was especially important since air pollution levels were high in many cities during this time.

Sun protection wasn’t a priority, so women instead relied on hats and parasols for shade from the sun. They mostly used natural products such as rose water, lavender oil and castor oil in their beauty routines. Popular makeup trends included using darker eyeshadows, thicker eyeliner and a pink-coral lipstick.

Skincare in the 1970’s

Skincare in the 1970s shifted from simply keeping skin looking young to a more holistic approach that focused on health and beauty both. People began to develop an understanding of how diet, lifestyle and exercise impacted their overall wellbeing and skincare.

Overall skincare in the 1970s became about having healthy skin that was balanced and beautiful. Allure Laser Center & Medispa has incorporated this approach into its services today by offering tailored solutions based on individual needs rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.

Skincare Trends in the 1990’s

Skincare in the 1990s saw a revolution in skincare products and treatments. The focus shifted from simply moisturizing the skin to using active ingredients that actually addressed skin concerns. Allure Laser Center & Medispa now features treatments such as facial peels, laser treatments and light-based therapy which are all based on this breakthrough technology. These treatments were the baselines for the amazing treatments we see today.

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In addition, people began to realize the importance of SPF when it came to protecting their skin from damage due to sun exposure. Allure Laser Center & Medispa recommends using SPF daily as part of your skincare routine – not only does it protect against UV rays, it also helps reduce wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging.

Overall, skincare in the 1990s focused on addressing individual needs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach – Allure Laser Center & Medispa has adopted this approach into its services today so that clients can get tailored solutions based on their unique needs and goals.

Skincare Trends in the 2000’s to Now

The 2000s saw an evolution in skincare trends as people began to become more aware of the importance of protecting their skin from environmental damage. Allure Laser Center & Medispa now offers treatments and products that are tailored specifically to individual needs, allowing clients to achieve a healthier and more beautiful complexion without compromising on safety or efficacy.

At Allure Laser Center & Medispa, clients can get access to a range of skincare treatments designed to suit their individual needs. All treatments are tailored to each client and Allure’s team of experienced professionals is committed to helping them achieve the results they desire.

From facials to photodynamic therapy, Allure’s team offers a wide range of treatments that target wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. Allure also specializes in laser treatments for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and more.

Clients can also benefit from Allure’s skincare trends and products which are specifically designed to help protect their skin against environmental damage such as UV rays and free radicals. All products are gentle on the skin yet extremely effective – ensuring that clients can achieve their desired results quickly and safely.

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Allure Laser Center & Medispa takes your health and skincare trends very seriously. We are excited to announce that we can now promote your health and skincare through DNA testing. What we eat and our DNA makeup greatly affect our skin. Through Genomic DNA testing will assist you in optimizing your nutrition, uncover sensitivities and much more.

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Overall, Allure Laser Center & Medispa offers a comprehensive range of skincare trends and treatments and products designed with one goal in mind – helping clients look and feel their best! Contact us today at 425.216.7200 for a skincare consultation!

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