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Why Winter is the Best Time for Chemical Peels

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This frigid winter weather has us all looking forward to days at the beach and warm summer evenings.
And after a winter indoors, we all want to put our best foot (and face) forward. Chemical peels are a great way to reduce dark spots and wrinkles to put your best face forward this summer.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are an exfoliating treatment designed to remove the top layers of skin in order to reveal the beautiful new skin underneath.
Chemical peels are used for a variety of reasons; from treating acne scarring to erasing dark spots and even fighting wrinkles. They can even help even out uneven skin tones.
Unlike other treatments, chemical peels are great for individuals across the skin type spectrum. That’s because peels can be specially formulated to your particular skin type.
Peels can be tailored to suit your particular skin care needs. From dry skin to oily and combination, there is a peel for everyone.
Even individuals with extremely sensitive, eczema-prone skin may benefit from a peel.
Chemical peels are available in various levels of depths.
Each depth has a recommended frequency it should be done and is meant to target specific symptoms.

Light peels: Light peels remove the outermost layer of the skin. These treatments are a quick and easy way to fight fine lines and wrinkles and help improve the skin’s tone and texture. Light peels often have the least amount of down-time after treatment and are the least irritating for the skin.

Medium peels: Medium peels remove two layers of skin and are a better choice if you’re looking to help erase acne scarring and help easy deep-set wrinkles.

Deep peels: Deep peels offer the most intense exfoliation, removing three layers of skin. These types of peels are ideal for alleviating severe acne scarring.
While light and medium peels can take the skin a week or two to return to normal, deep peels can take up to a month.

Each level of treatment is suitable for a specific level of frequency. It’s okay to get light peels monthly, since they only affect the top layer of skin.
Medium peels are better to get every few months.
Deep peels should only be done once. Regular peels at this level can lead to increased skin sensitivity and hyper or hypo pigmentation.

Chemical peels in the winter

Winter is the absolute best time to get a peel done!
After a peel your skin is more susceptible to sun damage than normal.
Because of the lack of sunlight and increased time indoors during the winter your skin will be less likely to be exposed to harmful UV rays. By the time summer rolls around your skin will be fully healed and healthier than ever before, letting you put your best foot forward to conquer your summer plans.

Chemical peels and dark skin

One question we often get is whether or not chemical peels are safe for those of us with darker completions.
The answer is yes! However, there is a caveat.
The truth is that peels are one of the safest ways to help hyperpigmentation and dark spots for darker skin tones. This is because peels, unlike lasers, aid the skin in exfoliation and regeneration. Lasers, while beneficial on lighter skin tones, can actually worsen symptoms that they are meant to treat, leading to even more hyperpigmentation than before.
In this sense, peels are an incredible tool. And they are. Chemical peels have even been sighted as a possible way to treat Melasma.
However, peels that are performed too frequently, without a pre- and post- treatment regimen, or too deep can also lead to hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones. If you have a darker complexion your aesthetician may recommend certain prepping agents and possible follow-ups to ensure the skin heals right.

If you’re interested in getting a chemical peel this winter, contact Allure Laser Center and Medispa today for your no-risk consultation.

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