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Allure Laser Center & Medispa Laser Hair Removal

This is a person journey for me when I decided to undergo laser hair removal at Allure in the summer of 2012. I quickly realized there is a lot about laser hair removal that I didn’t know. This blog is a way to be able to share my new found knowledge with those who may be considering laser hair removal for themselves!

Since I had never had laser hair removal I thought that it made perfect sense to grow out my leg hair before my session. This might be the case for waxing…but I was taught that it certainly isn’t how you go about lasering.

When I walked into my appointment with Linda at Allure, she looked at me and smiled because when you want to have laser hair removal you actually have to shave the desired laser area before she can laser it.

That was strike one for me.

Strike two was the fact that I assumed that I could get my legs lasered in the summer time. Summer time is actually the worst time to get laser hair removal because you can’t be out in the sun excessively (which I am)in-between sessions. Winter or colder months where you are your palest are best!

I originally hoped that I could get my legs done in the summer so I wouldn’t have to shave during ‘shorts season’ but that wasn’t going to work since I didn’t want to give up laying out in the sun (with SPF 30+ of course!).

Strike three was not realizing that this process takes time and the amount of necessary sessions depends on the person individually. It typically takes about 6 sessions (5-12 weeks apart)for the hair to be drastically decreased.

Since I couldn’t do my legs I began with getting my underarms lasered which turned out to be a good thing because it was a small area that allowed me to get used to the lasering process before tackling larger areas such as my legs.

So Beginner’s advice:

Advice # 1. Schedule the consult before Laser Hair appointments to get all the correct pre-laser instructions.

Advice #2: Shave desired treatment area prior to your session.

Advice #3: Know that you can’t have any contact with the sun before and in-between sessions.

Advice #4: Don’t expect instant results. It often takes 5+ sessions to notice results.

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