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Winter Skincare LotionWith Fall in full swing now more than ever is the time to pay attention to your skincare. Colder weather can be detrimental to skin. That’s why our team at Allure has compiled these 4 winter skincare tips to lock moisture is, keep breakouts at bay, and keep you looking you absolute best!

Why does the cold affect our skin so much?

During the winter and in colder months, you may notice that your skin can seem a little dull and dry. There’s a reason for this. Just like weather can affect joints and hair, colder weather has a noticeable, biological affect on skin.

During the winter months capillaries in the skin contract as response to the cold. This in turn impedes the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the dermis layer. This response to the cold is often worsened by constant exposure to extreme changes in temperature. The skin on our face is especially susceptible to dry out due to exposure.

Cold weather also reduces the skin’s lipid content, which is responsible for maintaining a healthy moisture barrier. The combination of low temperatures, high winds, and warm, pressurized air from fans and space heats leaves skin dry and dull.

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter skincare is key to protecting this. Here are our tips for keeping skin supple this season!

Swap out harsh cleansers

While you’re switching up your moisturizer choice it might be a good idea to take a look at your cleanser too. Every good skincare routine has a cleanser that helps to cleanse the skin and wash away impurities. However, cleansers that contain heavy, stripping ingredients may be too much for skin that is already compromised due to the cold. Heavy cleansers can also disrupt your skin’s natural biome, which could further impede your skin’s homeostasis.

Keep hot water away from the face

On the subject of stripping skin, it’s a good idea to steer clear of hot face clothes and water in general when it comes to skincare. While in the moment a hot shower or face cloth can feel great, hot water is really drying and can strip the skin of natural oils that help it maintain a healthy moisture barrier.
Opting for luke-warm or cold water can help to protect your skin barrier from further damage.


Even though it goes without saying, moisturizers and occlusives are essential for keeping skin healthy and supple this winter season. Because cold weather can easily prevent the skin from retaining moisture, it’s important to supplement that moisture loss by moisturizing consistently. While in summer you could get away with a light-weight lotion, it might be a good idea to swap out for a heavier cream to really lock in moisture. This is especially true for lips and hands. Going in with an occlusive that can lock in moisture can make all the difference in your quest for glowing skin this winter.


The right type of serum can do a lot to help your skin retain moisture. Oil-based serums are often heavy and great for helping restore lipids to dry skin. However, it’s important to remember that serums— like much of skincare— is tailored to your particular needs based on your skin type, lifestyle, and other factors. Serums can target a range of skin related issues, from dryness to redness to signs of aging.


Though they may seem like a luxury, facial treatments at Allure can go a long way in helping to maintain moisture, protect the skin, and fight the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. At Allure we offer three types of facials, all specially tailored to address the special needs of your skin.

For more information on winter skincare, anti-aging, and more, read more from our blog!

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